Monday, April 9, 2012

Live Free & Fly

This is a scrapbook page that I completed recently. I love using flowers and birds on my layouts.... even though Ben (beautiful son) thinks they are awful! He looks so cute in this photo.....


I am not the best of bakers..... well that's not entirely true.... I'm okay at it, but I really don't enjoy it too much even thought I love to cook meals! I made these little delights for a friend ..... I actually enjoy icing things and making things look pretty so cupcakes are a fun thing to make...

Hot Air Balloons

These were inspired by a class I did with Jacque.... although the inside of the card was less complicated.

I loved this Die (not SU) but a great little box. I put some little samples of Clarins body cream, eye gel etc in these. I love the mocha papers here. I thought these were simple, but elegant with a little stamp, brad and ribbon embellishing them

I had heaps of fun making these mini milk cartons and filled them with little Easter Treats

Ladies Night at Diana's home

I had the pleasure to be invited to Diana's home a few weeks back for a night of festivities and hilarity. We had a 'show and tell' theme and a clothes swap also. Some of the clothes were hilarious... a gorgeous wedding dress that Leanne fitted perfectly and the wig that Lisa had on was just the best.... unfortunately the camera wasn't in my handbag! Now that's shocking for an avid Scrapbooker like myself! Anyway I did take along some gifts for the girls and the photos are here for you to have a look at. Enjoy!

Thanks to Sue for helping me with my Blog

Here goes everyone.... time for the first proper postings. I hope I get it right! hugs Pamx